Interactive protective clothing

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Interactive protective clothing

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Objectives : idesign and manufacturing of interactive protective clothing including garments and shoes

Description of Work :

Interactive protective clothing will be designed and developed according to purpose of applications using advanced clothing functional design technologies and manufacturing techniques and tools. Related e-textile structures aimed to be produced under this project and other required functional materials will be integrated and assembled into the design to manufacture interactive protective clothing and footwear. The interactive protective clothing will be tested and evaluated in terms of comfort, reliability and functionality issues. Specific research tasks include:

  1. Establish database of functional and fibers, yarns and fabrics and e-textile materials by carrying out systematic search and evaluation of the functional properties in global markets (all participants);

  2. Determine specific applications and end-of products by close collaboration and communications between universities, research organizations and industrial enterprises (all participants);

  3. Utilize advanced clothing functional design software technology and the databases to design interactive protective garments and shoes (ITC, UM, UMI, Kivanc);

  4. Carry out system integration according to design by assembling e-textile structures into interactive protective garments and shoes (ITU, Kivanc, UM, UMI, ITC, ENSAIT, TEIP);

  5. Evaluate the functional performance of the interactive protective garment and shoes (ITC, UM, Kivanc,TTRI) by using instruments and manikins;

  6. Evaluate the performance of e-textile structures and functional performances of the interactive clothing under the intended wearing conditions by conducting human wear trials under controlled climatic conditions (ITC, UM, Kivanc,TTRI).

  7. Improve the e-textile structures and optimize the functional design of the interactive protective and shoes on the basis of the testing results (all participants);

  8. Develop technical specifications and technology transfer packages.

UM is the coordinator of the WP5, Kivanc, UM, UMI, ITC, TTRI, ITU, ENSAIT, TEIP will contribute WP5. All participants except TEIP are seconded staff.


Several interactive protective garments and shoes will be expected to be obtained (delivery month: up to 48 months).